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All Lebanon County residents are eligible for a Library Card. The card is a Lebanon County Library System card and can be used at any of the six Lebanon County libraries. The card is a lifetime card (with an internal three year renewal cycle for updating information). While the initial card is free of charge, replacement cards are $2.00 each. Patrons are urged to visit any of the six county libraries if they lose their card or if it is stolen so that a notation is made in the computer.


The Access Pennsylvania Statewide Library Card System allows us to honor non-Lebanon County library cards. If you live in Berks, Lancaster, Dauphin, or any other county in Pennsylvania AND if you have a valid library card from that county, you are welcome to check out books from our collection free of charge. (Materials that circulate for limited periods, such as videos, are generally not loaned out to patrons beyond the Harrisburg Library District of Cumberland, Perry, and Dauphin Counties.)

You must have the valid library card with you when you request to borrow materials. We will need it for identification purposes. Books borrowed on Access Pennsylvania may be returned to your local library. They will note the returned date and forward them to us.


Books and audio-tapes have a three week circulation period. They can be renewed twice if there are no “holds” on them.

Books for school projects may be placed on a limited circulation of three days if the demand is great and the number of items in the collection is limited. If so, we may also limit the number of books that may be taken out on that subject.

Reference materials marked “Does Not Circulate” may not be taken from the library. Other reference materials may have a circulation period of three days.

Periodicals have a three week circulation period with two renewals. Current issues of a magazine do not circulate.

Movies (DVDs/video cassettes) circulate for a one week period and may be renewed one time. Only two video cassettes are allowed to be charged out on an individual’s card at a time.

There are also filmstrips available on a limited number of subjects. Please ask at the desk for more information. We also have a slide projector ($1.00 / night) and a 16 mm. projector ($5.00 / night) that may be rented for a nominal fee. (Please note state requirements mandate that we charge state tax on these rentals.)


Materials may be renewed either by bringing the items into the library or by telephone. Renewals can be placed on the answering machine when the library is closed. (Wait until after the “beep” and speak very clearly.)

If there are materials with lengthy reserve lists, we may ask you to curtail renewal periods.


  • Books, Audio Tapes, Periodicals, Pamphlets (most items) $.25/day
  • DVDs/Vidoes $1.00/day
  • Interlibrary Loans: $1.00/day

Rental charges

  • 16 mm. projector $5.00 / day
  • Slide projector $1.00 / day

we must charge state tax on these rentals

Our On-Line Public Access Catalog (OPAC) is a county-wide card catalog. It lists the holdings of Myerstown, Richland, Fredericksburg, Lebanon, Annville, and Palmyra Libraries. By reading and following all the simple instructions, you will be able to determine which library owns the materials you need and their status.Our On-Line Public Access Catalog (OPAC) is a county-wide card catalog. It lists the holdings of Myerstown, Richland, Fredericksburg, Lebanon, Annville, and Palmyra Libraries. By reading and following all the simple instructions, you will be able to determine which library owns the materials you need and their status.


If you are looking for a title that we do not have in this library we will gladly try to borrow it from another library for your use. Those that are held in another Lebanon County library can be searched through the county-wide card catalog located in each library. We also have access to books throughout the United States through our District services. These services are generally free of charge. Please see a librarian for more information.

Outside of the Lebanon County materials we have no control over the length of time that we are issued for interlibrary loan materials. Please note that these loan periods most often DO NOT allow for renewals.




The Myerstown Community Library follows the Lebanon County Library System’s policy for Acceptable Use of Internet in the library.

The Myerstown Community Library provides internet access to the public as part of the library’s commitment to meet the community’s informational needs. The patron’s signature indicates that he/she has read this policy and will abide by its regulations. Those who do not have a valid library card in the Lebanon County Library System will be asked to provide identification.

The internet and the World Wide Web are a constantly changing global entity which presently are not monitored. The Library and its staff have no control over what materials are available on the internet. We are not responsible for the content, availability, or accuracy of the information found on internet sites.

It is the patron’s responsibility or that of the patron’s parent/guardian to use this resource wisely. Patrons must realize that some internet sites may contain materials that are considered offensive to others. The internet terminals are in the public use area of the library and are visible to the public eye.

According to 18 PA.CS 5903 section of the Pennsylvania Criminal Code, it is offensive to display any explicit materials in a public place where minors may be exposed to this material. We realize that this may be done inadvertently. Patrons will receive one warning should this occur. Repeat occurrences will result in denied internet use.

The Library staff will aid in starting your search as well as time cionstraints allow, but we are not prepared to provide extensive internet training.

The Myerstown Community Library supports the principles of intellectual freedom as laid out in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read statements.


Patrons must ask the library staff for permission to use the internet terminals. They are to both log on and off in the provided logbooks. Patrons who do not ask permission will be asked to step aside for those who have done so when terminals are needed.

Patrons under the age of twelve (12) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while using the internet. Parents and guardians, not the library staff, are responsible for the internet information selected and/or accessed by their children. Only parents/guardians may restrict their children – and only their children – from access to internet resources. That is why we request parents/guardians supervise their children’s use.


Patrons are asked to keep in mind the public position of the library’s internet terminals.

Please be considerate in your use of the internet. Users are expected to respect the privacy of those using adjoining terminals.

E-mail may be used, but the library will not be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of e-mail accounts. The internet terminals are not to be used for chat rooms, news groups, access to listservs, or File Transfer Protocols.

The library will not be responsible for the patron’s use of the internet terminals for commercial transactions including the sale or purchase of goods or services.

The internet terminals may not be used for any fraudulent or unlawful purposes, including those prohibited by applicable federal, state, or local laws.

Terminals are to be used in a responsible manner, respecting the same laws of public property accorded to other library materials. Computer and internet settings may not be changed. Patrons who do so will lose their internet use privileges.


Internet terminals are available for use in 30 minute increments. If there are no other patrons waiting to use them, the time period may be extended for additional 30 minute increments. The daily use limit is two hours per patron.

When a patron is waiting, the current user is expected to make the terminal available within ten minutes.

Terminals will be shut down ten minutes before the closing of the library for the day.

Patrons are advised that there are periods when the internet may not be available due to technical difficulties.


Materials on the internet are copyrighted. It is the user’s responsibility to be aware of the copyright notices displayed with the websites and to properly follow these laws before downloading materials by print or onto a disk.

Copies may be printed from the internet at a cost of $.20 per page plus state tax. Patrons are reminded to factor printing time into their use period.

The Lebanon County Library System has installed a virus scan on all the public internet terminals. As part of the virus protection policy outside disks may not be used in our computers. Materials may be downloaded onto a disk only if the disk is purchased from the library. Once the disk is taken off the premises, it may not be reused in our computers. We will not be responsible or damages to a patron’s computer or disk that may occur from the patron’s use of the library computers.Adopted by the Myerstown Community Library Board

March 21, 2000

Revisions July 25, 2000


Fax services are available at $1.00 / 1st page and $.50 / subsequent pages. Sales tax must be added to the costs of the fax services.

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