Learning, playing, growing – that’s what being an kid is all about.  But why not use this time of

natural curiosity to foster some early learning skills?


This week, try these brain-building activities with your preschooler:


Play with play dough together.  Show your child how to poke, pinch, squeeze, and roll the dough to make shapes and objects.  Talk about what you make, Using these skills will aid in fine and gross motor skills and encourage health, wellness, and physical development.


Listen to different kinds of music and talk about how they sound and how they make you feel.  This fun activity will help your child develop their creative thinking and expression skills.


When you are driving or riding on the bus, talk about the different kinds of vehicles you see.  Watch for cars, trucks, bicycles, and motorcycles.  Ask, how are they they same or different? What special jobs do the vehicles do? Get thinking about Social Studies!


Give your child a choice about what to do today,  Ask him.her to explain why they chose the activity.  This activity is great for helping your child’s social and emotional development!


… and when you visit the library this week, check out this  book!