When children’s imaginations are encouraged,

they are more likely to become good problem solvers

This week, try these creative activities with your preschooler:


Make bubbles!  Mix together liquid dish soap and water.  Put the mixture in a cup and show your child how you can blow bubbles into it with straws to make more bubbles.  Dip in a slotted spoon or other objects and wave them around the room to make bubbles. This activity encourages scientific thinking and technology.


Clean and save eggshells.  Break them into small pieces and give them to your child to glue on paper. While it may not seem like much, this easy activity aids in creative thinking and expression.


Sit on the steps outside your house.  Close your eyes and listen.  What sounds do you hear?  Talk about the sounds and what they represent. Get thinking about Social Studies!


Encourage your child to order his or her own meal at a restaurant by saying, “tell our waiter what you would like to eat or drink.”.  This activity is great for helping your child’s social and emotional development!

… and when you visit the library this week, check out this  book!

The Turn-Around, Upside-Down Alphabet Book

by Lisa Campbell Ernst