Children need to understand the consequences of their actions and how their actions can affect others.

As a parent, how can you help?

  • Model positive problem solving for your child.  Use positive words In your household to resolve conflicts.
  • Help your child use the IDEAL model of social problem solving:
    • I = Identify the problem.  Stop, calm down, and think clearly about your reasons and feelings.
    • D = Determine your choices.  What can be done to solve the problem?
    • E = Evaluate your choices.  Think about the possible consequences.
    • A = Act on your best choice.
    • L = Learn from the results of your action.

Help your child learn that anger is a normal feeling but it needs to be expressed in an appropriate way.  Also,  be sure to include your child in family discussions to help him or her cooperate with the decision.


Remember:  A Child’s behavior is influenced by movies, TV, and video games.  If a child sees violence, rude behaviors, and/or language, he or she is more likely to use those same behaviors.  Monitor your child’s TV, video, or computer choices and talk together about what you see.

This Week’s Activity: Make A Me Book

Ask you child to draw a picture of him or herself enjoying a favorite activity.  Ask, “what are you doing in this picture?”

Write the description next to the drawing.  Label the page, “I Like to ….” (fill in).

Date it and save it!