Get Outdoors, Lebanon County!

GO and Explore the Universe, Lebanon County!

Are you looking for something exciting for your family to do together this summer in the great outdoors?  Looking to discover the great parks of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, but don’t know where to start?  We’ve got you covered!  And best of all it’s free and fun for all ages!

Last year participants collectively walked over 4,000 miles!  Let’s see if we can top that in 2019!  Join children and families from all over Lebanon County this summer in the Get Outdoors (GO) and Explore The Universe  program.  Get outdoors and discover the wonder of nature as you hunt for 15 activity posts hidden in parks and along trails in Lebanon County. Children follow clues available in their free GO and Make Music musical score to locate each post.  They then make a rubbing of the unique etching plate found at each post as a record of their “find.” The more activity posts you find, the better your chances are to win an exciting grand prize.

  • Pick up your musical score at your local library June 4 th or later.
  • The program runs all summer long but etching sheets must be returned to your local library by Saturday, August 18 th to qualify for prizes.
  1. Pick up your musical score at your local library June 4th or later.
  2. Each family receives (1) musical score and  and (1) etching sheet per child 17 years or younger.
  3. Use your musical score to identify the 15 participating parks within Lebanon County.
  4. Use the clues to find each post located in the park. Make sure you take a crayon or pencil with you on your adventure so you can shade over the picture onto your etching sheet.  Do not use marker or pen.
  5. The last day to obtain etchings in the parks is Monday, August 13th
  6. Return your etching sheet to your local library by Saturday, August 18th to qualify for prizes.

How to win:

3 or more etching rubs = small prize.

4-9 etchings = small prize + 1 entry to win a grand prize

10-14 etchings = small prize + 2 chances to win a grand prize

Collect all 15 = small prize + 3 chances to win a grand prize

The GO and Make Music program is a collaborative initiative of WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital and the Lebanon County Library System. For additional information, please contact Melanie Wells, Community Wellness Coordinator, WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital at 717.270.7764 or visit the initiative website for more information!