Due to decreased library funding from the state, libraries are even more dependent upon their communities for support. Sometimes this means creating new fundraisers to support the library. And sometimes this means looking for other ways to accept donations. If you are looking for a way to support the library, check out this page for ideas!

Book & Media Donations

The library accepts donations of books, DVD’s, and CD’s  all year round for our annual book sale. If the donations are in excellent condition, they are used to refresh, replace, or add to our existing library materials.  Otherwise, we use these materials for our annual book sale.  Proceeds from the sale are returned back to the library for programs or materials benefiting our collections.

Gift Book Program

Is there a special occasion or a special someone that you wish to recognize or remember? What better way to do so than to give a donation in honor of or in memory of that person! Stop in or contact us directly for information on our Gift Book Program or give today.

Leave A Legacy

Leave a legacy for future generations.  Your donation or charitable tax deduction will be used to support our library and contribute to make it a valuable community resource.  Why donate?  We need continued funding to:

  • Expand the library’s building usefulness and available materials.
  • Meet the demand for new media formats.
  • Adapt to rapidly changing Information technology and Internet based resources.
  • Realize future uses of the library as a destination and resource.
  • Provide enhanced educational and cultural programs for adults, teens, and children.

We always welcome volunteers here at the library. If you have just a little time once or twice a year, you could help out with the  annual book sale. If you have more time to commit, you might think about volunteering regularly–it is a great way to learn about the library and all the ways in which we serve the community. We also provide local volunteer opportunities for students. For more information, see the volunteer page.