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Are you just beginning your genealogy research?  Are you wondering where to start?

Begin by documenting your generation and then work backwards to your parents,

grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on.  Remember to cite the sources of your

information and use as many primary sources as possible.  For example, birth and/or

baptismal records are considered primary sources for information such as birth dates

and places (however, death certificates are not considered primary sources for birth dates

and places) while death certificates and obituaries may be considered primary sources for

information such as death dates, places, and burials.  Other sources of information include

the federal census, military records (i.e. draft registrations, enlistments, etc.)church

records,naturalization records, and passenger lists. And don’t forget to talk to your parents

and grandparents about their experiences when they were young and their memories of

their own parents and grandparents.  This information can be documented via taped

interview or written record.

The Historical Room

The library houses an exceptional collection of local and Pennsylvania German materials for

use within the facility.  This is a non-circulating collection.  However, photocopies may be

made if the condition of the original material allows.


Try these free resources to start (or continue) your research; while most of these databases

are searchable, some are not indexed and must be browsed to find specific records.



These websites, including maps, photographs, and cemeteries, may provide

further assistance in research.

Historical Pamphlets

These digitized booklets, most of which are papers that were read before the

Lebanon County Historical Society, can be read online or downloaded and saved to the device

of your choice.  The year in parentheses after the booklet title reflects the year of publication.

Items checked-out or renewed after August 1, 2020 will be subject to fines if returned late. Please know your due date. Fines: Books $0.25/day, DVDs $1.00/day